Create Unique Walkways on Your Property

2014-07-31 Jonathan

Building concrete paths or using stone pavers on your property can really be an expensive project. Many backyards have unique gardens that have dirt paths that go from each area and to the patio in the yard. The dirt paths can really be a problem when it rains because you will taking all that dirt and mud into the home with you.

One unique solution to this problem is using pea gravel in place of the dirt or mulch. The gravel allows the rain to drain through to the ground, and the look of the pathway looks so much more professional and clean. These little stones make great walkways around the house too where areas of grass can become worn from foot traffic each day. The stone path will all you to walk from the front of the home to the patio, and then throughout the garden area without tracing mud everywhere you walk.

Pet and People Protection

2014-07-18 Jonathan

The winter months of cold blowing snow and freezing ice were finally behind us. We anticipated the coming of spring. Waiting in anticipation for the flowers to burst out from the now unfrozen ground. To finally see the new buds coming on the trees, and the birds that had disappeared during the winter to fly around in the warm air. Now it is summer and people are heading for the beach, or the nearest swimming pool to keep cool. People are having so much fun in the sun, but one always needs to remember to protect pets and people from the harmful rays of the sun. Looking at the different Manchester awnings it is easy to choose which one will look great on your home. They add the protection you need for family, friends and pets, so everyone can remain cool on a hot summer day.

Getting a Facelift

2014-07-11 Jonathan

I have lived in my home for about five years now and I recently added another year and will love to redo my bedroom. I am looking to have a color coordinated theme for all the things I am redoing. The first will be the walls, the color will change from ivory to teal and the Manchester blinds will have to match the walls.

The upholstery on the furniture will also be changed to match the walls in a multicolor fabric. The floor will wear a new look too, it will be changed from wood to wall to wall carpeting. The king size bed will not be changed because that is fairly new. The biggest makeover is the walk-in closet. I am currently looking at ideas on how to decongest it and be able to maximize the space there to accommodate my shoes, clothes, handbags, and some other miscellaneous stuffs that I put in the closet.