Bridal Shower Extraordinaire

2015-06-28 Jonathan

I can’t believe it. Gwen is getting married and she’s asked me to be her maid of honor! I’m so happy for her.

I’ve already started planning her bridal shower even though the wedding is over a year away. Yes, I’m a little bit bridal shower crazy. But who can blame me? This is my best friend we’re talking about.

Gwen deserves a really amazing bridal shower, so I’ve decided to do something a little unusual. I don’t want her to feel like any other bride. I want her to feel like the most beautiful bride in the world.

So, the first thing on the agenda will be going to a beauty salon where we will all get complete makeovers. There’s a really awesome wedding makeup artist Manchester at the salon near my office. I told her about my ideas for the shower and she’s really excited too. We’re going to try to come up with a movie theme to make it more fun too.

There’s so much to think about and plan when you’re a maid of honor. And this is only the beginning!

A little creativity can go a long way!

2015-06-03 Jonathan

For an upcoming costume contest, that was offering cash prizes, I decided to increase my chances of winning. In order to do that, I hired a very talented Manchester makeup artist, that I was connected with via a very good friend that used her. I arrived at her office, two hours before the party I was to attend that had the costume contest, to meet the artist. I had some ideas about what I thought the make up should look like, and upon meeting Patty, I knew that I was in the right hands so to speak. I felt after trying on my costume and getting her feedback, she knew exactly what to do. So as I took the chair, I felt extremely confident that this experience was going to be worth the service fee. The fee was extremely reasonable for the final results, which took close to an hour to complete.

Danielle’s Inferno

2014-12-31 Jonathan

My name is Danielle, and I am the hottest person in my office. No, seriously, I work for a temporary agency, and currently, I work as a secretary in an office building with no Manchester air conditioning. The owners are in the process of correcting the problem; in the meantime, they expect me to sit at my desk, smile and greet clients, and answer the phone in a cheery voice, and see to it that the coffee pot is filled to the brim every morning.

“Dress proffesssionally”, the temp service told me. I can do that, as long as their idea of business professional is a tank top, short skirt, and heels that I can stealthily slip off under my desk. I’m supposed to be this company’s shining example of customer service. Oh I’m shining, believe me. My forehead simply sparkles, less than an hour after clocking in…with beads of sweat. I’m overheated, underpaid, and I give new meaning to the phrase “hot under the collar. My name is Danielle, and this is my inferno.

Exotic Trip

2014-11-30 Jonathan

I worked non-stop for many years. It was normal for me to work sixty hours a week without a single day off. For my birthday, I decided that I would spend the day relaxing at the nail salon. For the first time in almost a decade, I had a day completely to myself. After getting the full spa treatment, I sat down in the lobby to allow my nails to dry. In front of me was a magazine with some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Inside, there were more exotic images that piqued my interest. Just then an insert in the magazine fell on my lap. It was a pamphlet that explored prices and options for various Dubai hotels. I was immediately sold. As soon as my nails were dry and the magazine was placed back on the rack, I had already made reservations for a much-needed vacation.


2014-10-20 Jonathan

I have always given up some of my spare time to provide voluntary services to a number of different organisations and charities. It is something that I would highly recommend to anyone who can find a spare few hours each week to contribute to some of the incredibly worthy causes that are out there. From befriending elderly and vulnerable adults to selling goods in a charity shop there are so many ways in which individuals can help.

My first voluntary work involved a Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue. They were in desperate need of people to help walk and exercise their dogs and because I love dog walking so much it seemed like an obvious choice for me. I have also volunteered my services for various fund-raising groups that have been set up to support charities such as the NSPCC and The British Heart Foundation.

Volunteering is a great way to put something back into the community and gives most people a real sense of achievement.

Create Unique Walkways on Your Property

2014-07-31 Jonathan

Building concrete paths or using stone pavers on your property can really be an expensive project. Many backyards have unique gardens that have dirt paths that go from each area and to the patio in the yard. The dirt paths can really be a problem when it rains because you will taking all that dirt and mud into the home with you.

One unique solution to this problem is using pea gravel in place of the dirt or mulch. The gravel allows the rain to drain through to the ground, and the look of the pathway looks so much more professional and clean. These little stones make great walkways around the house too where areas of grass can become worn from foot traffic each day. The stone path will all you to walk from the front of the home to the patio, and then throughout the garden area without tracing mud everywhere you walk.