How I’m Making Changes to My Lifestyle

2014-08-26 Jonathan

One of my friends told me that she wanted to lose a lot of weight and get fit for the summer. I decided that I would join here and we did our absolute best to ensure that we were doing everything right and working out the way that we should. We both have been going to the gym regularly and even work with a personal trainer Leeds who helps us to keep motivated every single day.

It is so nice to know that I have a friend by my side who is helping to keep me motivated just as much as our trainer is doing the same thing. I have lost a bit of weight since starting these changes and I am definitely not looking back. This is the best way for me to feel good about the way that I look and I cannot wait for what the future holds for me.

Create Unique Walkways on Your Property

2014-07-31 Jonathan

Building concrete paths or using stone pavers on your property can really be an expensive project. Many backyards have unique gardens that have dirt paths that go from each area and to the patio in the yard. The dirt paths can really be a problem when it rains because you will taking all that dirt and mud into the home with you.

One unique solution to this problem is using pea gravel in place of the dirt or mulch. The gravel allows the rain to drain through to the ground, and the look of the pathway looks so much more professional and clean. These little stones make great walkways around the house too where areas of grass can become worn from foot traffic each day. The stone path will all you to walk from the front of the home to the patio, and then throughout the garden area without tracing mud everywhere you walk.